Tuesday, April 21, 2009

29 Reason Why I Love You ♥

1. My families love you
2. My best friend like you
3. I know that you love me much more than I've ever realize
4. You really taking good care of me
5. You know how to treat me well
6. I know you won't let me go that easily
7. I know that there's no one else except me
8. You're always be there anywhere anytime I need you
9. You're precious
10. I've no regret knowing that I love you
11. You're the best birthday present that I've got
12. You always know what I want
13. You love me whatever I am
14. I'm glad that I met you that day
15. I like the way you treat me
16. I love every little surprise you gave me
17. You light up my day
18. You always make me smile
19. You always say that I am beautiful even in my worst time
20. You fill my day with laughter
21. You gave me something that I always wanted
22. You're as spoiled as a little kitty cat
23. You really really got me
24. I have faith in you
25. You're my own personal brand of heroin
26. You're the best I've ever had
27. I love to spend the rest of my day and life with you
28. I love you(:
29. Everything's started over here(: