Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Feel Bored and Being Cursed

1. I don't know why, but I feel like I'm oh-so-fckn-lazy today -.- the day's like went so slowly and lame like nguiknguik (what the hell was that?!) the weather's just soooooooo hot, but not as hot as me -.- ha, kiddin ;p
2. I'M SO FCKN BORED TODAY! nothing's exciting today, no highlights, no hilarious jokes, no delicioso food, oh god gamn it! I've been cursed!
3. in this-oh-so-god-damn-it-cursed-day-of-mine, my boyfriend is like missing somewhere, gone with the wind, I don't have any idea where the hell he is? and it's annoyed me pretty much shit! ohmygod! baby! I need you ASAP!
4. awkay, for some reason I feel like I'm mad! like I wanna explode! KABOOM! and I can't breath well -.-
5. I'm craving some McD's triple plain cheese burger, medium size milo, large size french fries, and Mcflurry caramel. and it's full of fat! yes, FAT! and the next day I wake up, I've just realize that my body's getting bigger 5-10 inches. OHGODDAMNIT!
6. I have nothing to do in these past days, nothing makes me interesting, and I am jobless -.-
7. I wish that Zaki's kidnap me soon, babyyy, nothings fun over here! go kidnap me and make me laugh out loud until I forget who is my mommy -.- (uh oh it's scarrrrrrrry)
8. I'm bored to the maxx
9. I think I've been cursed by something
10. it might be P.M.S

bye! see y'all 'round