Monday, September 19, 2011

Busy Year

Hello! So, how's your Monday everyone? Today is my first day of uni, and it was one word: HECTIC woahh, it's just my first day and the lectures already gave loads of materials, assignments, and also projects yet it was so much fun! Meet new friends, new subjects, and some great experts! Monsieur Desilles is one of a funny man, too funny to be your headmaster :p lol seriously, he's french and can speak Indonesian quite fluent! Monsieur Oger is one of hot lecture and my representative lecture for the class, Monsieur Adnan is a true definition of hot and good looking lecture with a hot body :O hahahaha well, I'm gonna post some of my work later on, maybe not here but in my Tumblr probably.... So, I better sign off tonight, still have some tasks to do. Have a good night! Catch ya up later!