Sunday, August 21, 2011


So, people, tell me, how's your Saturday night? Mine was, glo-oh-mey. Watched Kung Fu Panda II with my seniors and junior, talked to some people from the softball field, burned some cigars which I still do it right now this very moment, then go home. Waiting for some messages from my polar bear which still haven't gives me no news since last morning and I'm still widely awake just to wait for some "hey" yet, there's still no "hey" d'oh well yeah, whatsoever. Listening to almost 7 albums of John Mayer made my Saturday night more pathetic. I MISS YOUR HUGS, YOUR SMELL, YOUR STUPID JOKES, YOUR STUPID PRANKS, AND YOUR STUPID TRICK WHICH I ALREADY SAW IT LIKE ALMOST 10 TIMES AND I KNOW HOW TO DO IT YOU DUMB ASS! It was a big mistake, listening to John Mayer - Friends, Lovers, or Nothing at somekind of situation like this followed by Perfectly Lonely. HA HA HA *smirking* it was like, oh so sudden, he's never M.I.A before, and yeah, now he's missing somewhere. And I'm still awake like a bat still waiting for a "hey". I might not sleep till morning, even tho I realize that I have some softball practice. And I was like, "where have you been?" or "why won't you give me some news or at least lemme know where are you?" or "why don't you asking me some questions like you used to?" or "don't you miss me?" or WHAT ELSE????? I feel like I could throw a big truck to everyone who piss me off. Probably, I could cry till I fell asleep. Bye~