Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sweet Little Book :')

Yesterday, Friday the 8 of July 2011. I was having some coffee with my friends at Canteen, Plaza Indonesia. We were sitting at the bar at first then moved to the couch. And I spent like 30 minutes at Aksara, yeah, there's a connecting door between Aksara and Canteen, spent some time looked at Alexander McQueen and Roberto Cavalli, MON DIEU! Their designs were sooooooooooo uh-mah-zing!!!!!! Superb! After that, I took a peek at the children book section. At first, I just want to looked for Care Bears book (like there's any Care Bears in Indonesia) and found this 2 books, I swear I don't have any intention to read these books, but I'm curious :p mehehe so yeah I read it and almost cry a river after that, thank God no one saw me that time. It is a great book for kids, teach them to appreciate things and to love each other :) great birthday present for your little niece/ nephew.