Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Love Letter For My Very Best Friend

 This post is dedicated to one of my best friend who going abroad to Germany last night, Richie Rizal Mahyudin

Coucou chèri!

          Tu partirai demain soir, Je vais tu manque beaucoup! 3”: Bon chance et bon courage en Allemagne. Ne m’oublier pas, d’accord? :D PING!!! M’a si tu avez besoin de moi. Je serai toujours là pour toi, même si nous sommes loin de miles. Je te promis :3
(Translate: Hey darling, you leave tomorrow evening, I will really miss you! 3": Good luck and keep on cheer up in Germany. Don't forget me, okay? :D PING!!! Me if you need me. I will always be there for you, even though we're miles away. I promise you :3)

           Thanks for always being there for me when I was at my lowest point of life, support me, never judge me, listen to me even when I was snobbing and you still understand what I’m talking about, accompanying me, and taking a really weally eally good care of me.

For always warning me, choosing what’s good and what’s not for me, help me deciding something in between when I was confused, always got my back, guide me and guard me when I’m lost. You’re one of the most important best friend and most influential person I’ve ever had and I’ve ever got papa bear.

Thank you for accepting me for who I am, never complain yet never getting tired nor giving up on me in my very worst and my very best. Thank you for all the happy times I never would have had, without you sharing them. Those wonderful times we shared together shall always remain in my little deepest heart.

          Never give up when you feel tired, keep on fighting, do whatever you want to as long as you think that it’s the best for you and your future and you could find your passion there. Don’t be afraid, if you’re afraid, just close your eyes, and you won’t feel afraid anymore. Remember that your family will always loves you and your best friends will always got your back. Me, Putri, Chikita, Jodie, Jeko, and all of your best friends will always loves you and support you like 100000000000000000….% no matter what you do :) especially me Cause you know me so well like inside and out. I’ll be there next year, don’t you worry, a year is pretty fast. I’ll be there in no time honey bear. You’ve got my words :)

Things don’t always work out the way we want them to. But things have a way of working out. And sometimes they work out better than we never dreamed they could, and this is maybe one of those times. Have a good trip and have a safe flight chèri. Prendre soin, je vais toi voir bientôt bébé.
(Translate: Take care, I'll see you soon baby.)

I love you, I love you more, I love you most. Always

Au revoir, à bientôt chèri
Grosses Bisous xx
Ta chèrie toujours
Tarra Nadhira