Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July Playlist

Another post dedicated for one of my best friend who already arrived and spent a day in German, Richie Rizal Mahyudin.

1. Vitamin C - Graduation
"Will these memories fade when I leave this town? I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye, keep on thinking it's a time to fly"
2. Chantal Kreviazuk - Leaving On a Jet Plane
"So kiss me and smile for me, tell me that you'll wait for me, hold me like you'll never let me go. Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again, oh babe, I hate to go"
3. The Corrs ft. Alejandro Sanz - The Hardest Day
"And all, and all I ever wanted was to stay and nothing in this world's gonna change"
4. Souljah - Hanya Ingin Pulang 
"Hatiku tertinggal disana, terpisah pulau yang berbeda dan rindu hati ini ku ingin kembali"
5. Paramore - Misguided Ghost
"I'm going away for a while, but I'll be back, don't try to follow me, 'cause I'll return as soon as possible."
6. The Beatles - She's Leaving Home
"Father snores as his wife gets into the dressing gown. Picks up the letter that's lying there, standing alone at the top of the stairs. She breaks down and cries to her husband, Daddy, our baby's gone"
7. Coldplay - See You Soon
"And when all you want is friends, I'll see you soon, I'll see you soon and oh you lost your trust, and oh don't lose your trust"
8. Sarah McLachlan - I Will Remember You
"I will remember you, will you remember me? Don't let your life pass you by weep not for the memories"
9. Michael Buble - Home
"And I've been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you, each one a line or two, I'm fine baby, how are you? I would send them but I know that it's just not enough. My words were cold and flat and you deserve more than that"
10. Bruno Mars - Long Distance
"You know right now I can't be home, but I'm coming home soon, coming home soon"
11. John Legend - Stay With You
"Oh I'll stay with you through the ups and the downs, oh I'll stay with you when no one else is around"
12. Jason Mraz - Plane
"I'm leaving your town again and I'm over the ground that you’ve been spinning and I'm up in the air, said baby hell yeah well honey I can see your house from here"