Saturday, May 28, 2011

May Playlist

1. Tahiti 80 - 1,000 Times
"There's something that can bedone, to bring us back together as one, there's something else I can do, that's why I'm sending this message to you, I will try another 1.000 time to bring us back together as one, I will try another 1.000 times, till you decide to change your mind."
2. Lilly Allen - Littlest Thing
"The first time that you introduced me to your friends and you could tell I was nervous, so you held my hand. When I was feeling down, you made that face you do, there's no one in the world that could replace you"
3. Ten To Five - Love Is You
"This is how I feel whenever I'm with you, everything is all about you too good to be true. Somehow I just can't believe you can lay your eyes on me"
4. Jaron And The Long Road To Love - That's Beautiful To Me
"You turn every head when you walk into a room, but your kindess and your sweetened soul lingers like perfume." 
5.  Train - Marry Me 
"Promise me, you'll always be happy by my side. I promise to, sing to you when all the music dies" 
6. Boyce Avenue - Good Riddance (Greenday Cover)  
"So make the best of this test and don't ask why, it's not a question but a lesson learned in life. It's something unpredictable but in the end is right, I hope you had the time of your life."  
7. John Mayer - Love Song For No One (Acoustic Version)  
"I could have met you in a sand box, I could have passed you on the sidewalk, could I have missed my chance and watched you walk away?"  
8. One Republic ft. Sara Bareilles - Come Home  
"But there's someone I've been missing and I think that they could be the better half of me"   
9. Dashboard Confessional - For You To Notice  
"But for now, I'll look so longingly waiting for you to want me, for you to need me, for you to notice me."
10. Hienie Dao - Kiss The Rain
"Aren't you supposed to be the one to wipe my tears? The one to say, that you would never leave."
11. The Script - If You Ever Come Back
"If it's the fighting you remember or the little things you miss, I know you're out there somewhere so just remember this." 
12. Maroon 5 - Just A Feeling
"Oh just confess that you're still mine. I roll around in a bed full of tears, I'm still lying in the dark no sunshine. She cries this is more than goodbye, when I look in to your eyes, you're not even there." 
13. Lady Antabellum - Need You Now
"And I wonder if I ever cross your mind? For me it's happens all the time" 
14. A Rocket To The Moon - Like We Used To
"Can you promise me, if this all was right, don't throw this all away? Can you do all these things? Will you do all these things? Like we used to" 
15. Adele - Make You Feel My Love
"When the evening shadows and the the stars appear, and there is no one there to dry your tears. I could hold you for a million years, to make you feel my love" 
16. Ryan Cabrera - Photo
"Cause I'm looking at your picture cause it's all I've got. Maybe one day you and me will have one more shot" 
17. Angela Aki - Tegami
"When this heart that I only have one is constantly being broken to pieces? When I'm living through these difficult years?" 
18. Dream Theater - The Best Of Times
"I'll always remember, those were the best of time. I'll cherish them forever, the best of times. I'll miss these days" 
19. Ken Hirai - Canvas
"Whether it is love, dream, or the last train, they were all alive. When I saw your eyes, it is true that I'm always speechless" 
20. Adam Levine ft. Slash - Gotten
"You look so different than before, but still the person I adore. Frozen with fear, I'm out of love but I'll take it from the past"