Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mangoes :)

If you ever read this....

Hey, how are you? Hope you're doing fine and great. Do you still remember me? Cause I do and actually, kinda miss you quite much, yeah a little. And when I said 'little' it's not literally little hehehe. You must be wondering why I named this post 'mangoes'. My mango tree is flooding hahaha it's already its time to.. you know, grow. And I remember how much you and your family like those mangoes. Your dad always ask me "Tarra, mana mangganya?" and I always said "Belum berbuah lagi om, nanti sekitar May/ Juni. Kalau udah berbuah pasti Tarra anter kesini kok hehe." 
There are really loads of mangoes here! Oh hey! I learned how to make a perfect mango pudding! Very rich, creamy, and full of little chunks of mangoes. You must be like it! But too bad, I can't cook for you any longer hehe. Anyway, study hard! Don't forget to pray and keep your meal schedule one time! Takecare and good luck!

Bunch of hugs and kisses
Tarra Nadhira