Monday, November 1, 2010


1. my deepest condolence goes to Mentawai, Wasior, and Merapi victims. may their souls rest in peace :')
2. last wednesday was my first day of NGO (Non Government Organization) program, teaching English for some unfortunate kids. this project will be continue till July. those kids were pretty cute actually. it feels sad knowing how much they want to learn and go to school but they can't afford it, while there are some people who already go to school/ university waste their time and opportunity.why won't the government gives more money for education, instead of using it to build a new DPR building that have a pool in it, which some of them believe it would reduce the global warming. makes no sense at all
3. just found out that someone was lying to me. boo-ya! you can't outsmart me, and you're not a good liar anyway
4. there's someone, another someone actually who wrote and claimed that i'm watching over her life while in fact she's the one who always checking on my blog (i have the stats for sure!) and sometimes copying my work. weird
5. today is the first day of november, hope everything going pretty well
6. oh! i've got a new signature for my blog, take a look at the bottom of the post ;p what do ya think?