Sunday, October 3, 2010

Quick Post

ok, i'll make it simple and fast, i don't have much time, need to study for tomorrow quiz. here i go:

Monday: nothing happened, a good start for the week
lots of assignment, campus-home-studied-go to bed at 9 -_-
those ass-ignments were not finished yet, still working on it
Zaki's home! yaay! looking forward to meet you bi
Friday's night out with Zaki, watched Legend of the Guardians; Eglantine is super cute!. having dinner while we keep on discussing about management
it's not oh so my day like tooooooootally :'( :'( :'( bad sat-nite
Sunday (Today):
its raining, still not feeling that well, continuing my studying, my mom had a facebook account now (wow), hope someone could make it better for me

Conclusion: a good start for the week, BUT is not a good end for the week, so, it's not a good week. i could do lots of cursing like right now. ah well, hope y'all had a good weekend!