Monday, September 13, 2010

It Almost the End of 2010 and I've Got Like No Updates

hello, long time no see peeps, miss me? suuuuuuure, i bet y'all superb miss me lol. i kno i knom u cud complain to me, cause i have no updates like years, its been a hard year for me,

started from early January: zaki broke me up, failed TOEFL test caused by broken-hearted situation, i know it sounds cheesy -__- it also forced me to study hard, cause i had to retake it damn.
and move on to February: i'm not moving on, it's the 6th of February and it is Zaki's 19th birthday happy birthday tiger!, we cud say i'm changing little by little.
March: i successfully transformed in to a cold hearted bitch, more sarcasm which honestly i really enjoy it and love it, it's the 29th of march i turned to 18th this day and also me&zaki 1st anniversary. oh almost forgot, the 28th of march, my dear bruzel also having their 2nd anniversary.
April: nothing changes, school years is almost over, note this: i'm still in love with Zaki, got my long long holiday.
May: totally screwed up.
June: try the SNMPTN test, get back with Zaki! yay! finally, Zaki's having his holiday in jkt, its a great month.
July: failed SNMPTN test (who cares? my dad won't allowed me to go to public uni anyway :p), high school prom night, summer holiday in sg, its another great month actually.
August: happy fasting for the Moslem!, university orientation which extremely tiring i haven't slept for 3days that time, 2days 1night for crazy-fun outbond, inauguration day, what a temptation for fasting month.
September: its Eid Mubarrak! \:D/ and today.

that's all you've missed. i promise, i'll blogging more often! now i'm going to watch the vampire diaries ss2 ep1. ciao!

the future Mrs. Dimaz Zaki, i mean Tarra Nadhira