Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bye Apple! Bye! Bye! Apple! Bye! Bye Apple!

it’s already been a week since my first day of uni. i’m pretty tired yet it was fun, even tho the classes always started at 7:30 in the morning from monday till thursday except for friday, which was started at 9:30. I’ve got lots of new friends and I cant even mention them one by one. Unfortunately, every time my lecturers left the classes, they’d always left us with either homework, project or assignment. Also, my system thinking lecturer, Mr. Eko, gave the class a project to define ‘what is system thinking’ in a video while encouraged us to upload it into youtube. He promised us an extra credit to those that did it. well yeah, me and Inez upload it to youtube LOL and thanks to Esther who recorded us and can’t barely held her laugh because i’ve always made up some jokes, it was because of Dio and Hafi who always tried to distract me and Inez by doing some silly acts. Here it is, the system thinking video made by me and Inez, click the link and enjoy!