Monday, May 18, 2009

My Bestfriend New "Gayfriend"

ohmygod! these things are the highlight of this month! yes! my babygirl Andantha's got a new boyfriend. hey but wait? what did you've said? a boyfriend? shit, we better said that its a "gayfriend" awkay i'm so sorry but he is man he is. ups, should I say "he" or "she"? hahahahaha :D so, at the first time when I came to Dantha's class, I found that she's so fckin excited that day, here it is the conversation

Tarra: you look so excited, wazzap?
Dantha: baby! I've got a new gebetan!
Tarra: huh? really?!
Dantha: YESSSSS! (with some excited eyes and wink wink)
Tarra: WOOOOW! who is it theen? I wanna know I wanna know
Dantha: his name is Dent
Tarra: huh? Dent? like Dentist? or what?
Dantha: yes, D-E-N-T
Tarra: oh! DENT! I see then (I think that Dent guy [read:gay] is a bule)
Dantha: yesyes! (she's just looked so fckn excited I swear)
Tarra: where he's coming from?
Dantha: Singapore!
Tarra: Is he has a facebook or what?
Dantha: he has, wait a minute dear
Tarra: awkay. jesus, I'm so curious! hahaha
Dantha: well, here it is
Tarra: where?
Dantha: this one (pointing at some picture)
Tarra: THIS ONE? (shocked)
Dantha: yess!
Tarra: SHIT! oh god damn it!
Dantha: what's wrong?
Tarra: Andantha, you know what? you can get better baby. but, whatever you do, I love you
Dantha: uuuh baby, whats wrong?
Tarra: I don't know, I can't explain shit!
Dantha: he's not good for you?
Tarra: awkay, first, his name is not DENT! it's DEDEN!. second, you can get better. that's all
Dantha: hahahaha :D but he has a good taste of fashion!
Tarra: do whatever you like to awkay babe? I'll walk behind you relax

after that Dantha told me that she's going to meet him this saturday and asked me to going with her, with Zaki too of course. she's in need for some advices and opinion from her mommy and daddy ;p ahihihi. awkay then i accompany her last saturday, and she's ohmygod very excited. but when Deden told Dantha that he's already in sency for some reason I've catch up a bad feelings and it happened so sudden. we met him in front of urban kitchen and i told Dantha

Tarra: Baby! feel my heartbeat! oh god! (put her hand on my chest)
Dantha: oh babyyyyyy): feel mine too! (she put my hand on her chest)

ohmygod our heartbeat it's getting faster and faster. and when Deden came the scene was look alike sinetron understood nah? when me and Dantha turned around, we saw him and only him! walking down the corridor -.- ewww. okeh! let's do some evaluate things. from the bottom to top. from the bottom, shit, his shoes are good, onitsuka tiger and its high and I like it! onitsuka tiger is one of my favourite brand of shoes. let's go up up up, his jeans yeah soso suit him lah, and the clothes he wore. okay, what's the matter with that orange polo shirt? aduh puhleaseeee, and awkay let's up up up and up, what's that on her shoulder anyway? is that a shawl? or a pashmina? or what? he has something tied up around his neck and shoulder I don't know what exactly it is, when he came closer! OH! it is a cardigan! the one with the wool materials, and it's brown. and see see see, what does he carried at his back? its a BACKPACK! (backsound: Dora The Explorer, Backpack Song) and it's turquoise. ohmygod! all I can do is hold on, try to not laughing out loud. and oh geez! he has a big watch! it's the one like hem, what can we imagine ya? oh! a girly girl with a new watch the one that she really wanna show her friends off like "oh! look at this! I've got a new watch! aaaaah" awkay forget it. after that, we brought him to where Zaki and his friends are. and all they do is just like starring at him and said "oke" hahahaha :D then, Dantha and Deden goin out for some food, at oh la la. not so long a go after that, Dantha texted me, it says "baby, do you think he's a gay?" huahahahahahaha :D awkay that's the silliest things you've ever asked to me babe. I showed that msg to Zaki and he said "aku yang bales ntar" and about like 1,5 hour they go back and hanging with me, Zaki, Aswin, Aldy, Umar, and Kak Daniel. Zaki wrote some notes to me it said "I think he's A GAY" then I replied it "baby, you're oh so that mean, bisexual suit him better I think ;p" and all Zaki's do just staring at me and say "silly haha" and when Deden already go back to where he's stayed, Dantha told us like EVERYTHING!

Dantha: ohmygod, lo semua mesti tau yaaa tadi gimana?!
Tarra: what? he didn't stared at you at all and stared to another guy or what? hahaha
All: hahahahahahahaha
Dantha: No! hem I'm not sure I mean hahahaha
Zaki: goblok
Tarra: terus td gimana? hahaha
Dantha: lo harus tau yaaa! tadi dia kan di ohlala terus mesen gtu
Tarra: uh huh, and then?
Dantha: lo tau ngga cara dia mesen gimana?
Tarra: melambai?
Dantha : like this "em mbak, croissantnya jangan tll mateng yaa, terus agak sedikit anget. butternya jangan terlalu cair. tapi agak sedikit beku ya. emm, minumnyaaa ice tea aja deh! ice teanya yang raspberry ya!"
Tarra: oke, he's more girly that I do
Zaki: shit!
Dantha: oh terus2! when i took him to zara, i found like a good high heels gtu tar, warnanya coklat and it's so gorgeous. then I show it to him and like "baby! look at this! it's good!" dan lo tau dia bilang apa?
Tarra: hem? nopeydopey
Dantha: he said "oh itu warnanya nggak bagus buat kamu, kamu lebih bagus pake warna2yang neon2gtu yang nge jreng. biar warna kulit kamu lebih terang dan lebih keliatan lagi" dan pas gue bawa ke zara men, kan ada shirt gtu warnanya putih and itu bagus banget! terus gue bilang "babe, ini bagus deh buat kamu" dan dia bilang "enggak ah aku ngga suka yang putih, it makes me looks like a gay. kenapa sih orang bilang aku gay? kan aku nggak gay"
Zaki: mampus lu!
Dantha: daddy jahaaaaaat!
Tarra: hahahahaaha thanks god, Zaki's not act like one
Dantha: terus ya tar! td I bring him to promod! ada 1 dress yang td kita liat juga, the one with tribal, etnic, and gipsy look remember?
Tarra: yes! that dress is so awesome!
Dantha: and you know what? he said "itu pattern nya jelek dan kamu gapantes pake itu. kayak anak kampung kalo kamu pake itu"
Dantha: mommy, I don't know what I should do now!
Tarra: just broke him up, I'll get you a REAL MAN! hahaha
Zaki: hahahahaha

awkay, see? my babygirl has a gayfriend as his 'boyfriend' poor you baby): awkay, and tomorrow I'm going to see him again, and I ask Zaki, "eheh yo wanna meet deden for the 2nd time? ;p" and he replied "Deden? you mean that gay?" uuuh baby, you're so meaaaaaan to him. hahahaha awkay, enouh talk about him, I made like oh so many sins today hahaha, anyway, I gotta go now, I'll keep you all up with the lates news awkay sweets? byebye, see y'all 'round ;p