Wednesday, April 29, 2009

1st Month Anniversary ♥

yay! today is our first month anniversary! :D I think it was our 5 month already hahahaha :D seems like I've been walking on this relationship that long, in fact, it was just our first month. Zaki's just being so much much much good boyfriend, bestfriend, brother, and a kitty cat ;p he always know how to treat me well(: to be honest, he's not oh so that good (that's what he thought -.-) but from what I've got, he's just too sweet and kind for me, and I think, i can't caught up with it. he did soooo many things to me, from the tiniest to the huge one(: thankies sweets. and I not know wheter I can give everything back that much and sweets to him or no. it's just some fact that i'm kinda afraid of actually. well, in the real world, I am my self know that I'm not oh so that good enough for him, but well yeah, I'll try harder being a lady that perfectly worth for him, I wish I did. lemme tell you some quick fact about Zaki:

1. he's just oh so that fierce -.-
2. he's just as spoiled as a kitty cat, even though that he's not act like one
3. he really loves to give me some unexpected surprise
4. he really likes to make me blushing, smiling, and giggling
5. he's mine, and no one can take him away ;p

well, Zaki, thanks for always being there for me anytime I need you. thanks for having faith on me that much. thanks for being so much kind and sweet to me. thanks for every little things you do for me. thanks for every little surprise you give me. and thanks for loving me that much(: I hope everything would be getting better from this day on. Amin(: I love you ♥♥

P.S: I really need to see you badly

A lots of hugs and kisses
I love you, xoxo
Tarra Nadhira