Thursday, March 12, 2009

things that i cant lives without

1. God, Allah S.W.T
2. my family, especially my mommy(:
3. my friends :D my girls and my guys(:
4. hairdryer and blow comb hahaha :D
5. shampoo, conditioner, and hair vitamin
6. body care and facial care
7. bra and panties
8. clothes, accessories, and shoes
9. sweets sweets and sweets :D
10. my gadgets (Y) PDA, CDMA, laptop, and ipod
11. some medicine
12. my boyfriend maybe? but who? hahaha i dont even get one man? hahaha
13. my behel! ohhh geeeez i really really deeply falling in love with my wires (Y)
14. people surround me(: they just mean so much to me
15. jokes and laughs (Y)