Friday, February 27, 2009

quick fact about me

1. I can't say "R"
2. I don't eat chicken
3. I love sweets
4. I always late
5. I never take a bath before go to school
6. I hate caterpillar, worm, and cockroach
7. I'm scared of height and dark
8. I'm very slow in everything
9. I don't like school, homework, and exam
10. I love fashion and design
11. I always care about my hair do and what my face's looks like
12. I always spend about 1,5-2 hour at the bathroom
13. It takes 3 hour for me to get ready if I wanna go somewhere out
14. I don't like spicy food
15. I don't like RnB and Hip Hop or else kind of music
16. I love Bring Me To Horizon, Sky Eats Airplane, Lamb Of God and so on
17. I'm Spoiled
18. I wanna have a Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute
19. I'm obsessed being white and having long shiny dark hair
20. I'm not good at counting