Friday, February 27, 2009

being loved and to be loved

hell o, yeay another week of school has end. and here it goes, this week didn't good enough for me. yeah for sure dude. me like always got swollen eyes and tangled hairs every morning, not surprised because its like always raining every night and every morning every time i woke up for about 5-30 minutes in the morning. that's what makes everyday is just like another cold day even if its sunny. and i bet you'll scream out loud if you saw me, geez! i'm a mess and i'm screwed up! my head's like saying and screaming "hey you bitch! stop thinking something would you?! shut down for a moment! i'm dizzy and i need some rest! too heavy you know? i'm overload here! so stop it you ass hole!" and 15 minutes after that.. "KABOOM!!!" and i realize that my brain is explode and i'm crazy now. woswokaowsiwohaowijksopwkxpheguiocbiuftcniodxqwpxumcet2itichykicn okay, just kidding. i'm not crazy "yet" but who knows anyway? but really! someone please take me somewhere else. somewhere i can relax and take some rest. everything's messed yp over here. and i need some enlightenment! oh, please God, take me now. let me die in vain now. at least i've got heaven holding me. it's hard if you love someone, but you can't have 'em. sounds selfish. but that's the truth babe(': so hard when you love someone but he/ she likes somebody else, even you believe that he/ she still love you much(': it's hard like a rock! that's what i've been through lately. love's complicated. even that so, you're still love being loved and to be loved. because that's what peoples do isn't it rite?